A working platform to bring together people with the same interest in order to work as concentratedly and efficiently as possible on the realization of an Universal Basic Income in order to bring this wonderful idea more and more people closer.

It is supposed to promote activism.
Together, educate and plan actions to get started.

We are not concerned with the amount or the different financing possibilities - but only to pass on the idea of ​​the UBI to the people in order to create an awareness of this wonderful possibility.

We offer you the following options:

Your own free account
Own blog
to post your ideas and experiences (can also be used as a diary!)
An area where you can announce your events (meeting, event, distribution, etc.).
Creating your own workgroups (things are much easier together)
Video section
- Share great and informative UBI videos and tell us what you think.
An internal communication system completes our platform.

Our platform was also founded to be independent of social networks.

And now it's her turn to bring this platform and thus the Universal Basic Income (UBI) to life.

See you here and on the street again.

Alexander Zirkelbach
Initiator of UBI! Now

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